Friday, November 20, 2015

Over the Hedge

That south Indian delicacy sure tasted good, but I don't really remember the name of the dish. Anyways I will ask Niti Auntie when I will return her bowl (Katori) back. I cannot give her the empty bowl, I guess a bowl of Tikki-Chole (potato cutlet topped with chickpea curry) would be nice to bring her katori back. I can hardly speak any Kannada (local language from Bangalore) she barely broken Hindi but we have some level of English to communicate and in our every meeting she picks up a few words of Hindi and me barely a little bit of Kannada. Its not an easy language, the script is different then English or Devanagari (Hindi) even the damn bus and the electricity and water bills are in Kannada ONLY. We had no idea which bus came and went and which bill we were paying. So again the neighbours came to the rescue. 

Its a weekend and its raining like cats and dogs, the house is smelling of chole-tikki and I am all ready to bring her the crispy tikki topped with chole and a tangy tamarind chutney. R was not very begistered with the idea but you know me. There I went. They were just having their dinner, I was glad they didn't finish it. I barged in with a steaming bowl in my hand with my big black grandpa umbrella which I hated. I always wanted one with flowers which I have seen the Japanese tourists carry. Anyways,  Nitie auntie was very happy to see me and started putting thousands questions about the dish. She has tried it somewhere in a restaurant. I just said enjoy it now and if you like we can exchange the recipes later over a cup of filter coffee. Now the best filter coffee you get in the silicon valley is in these little tiny kannadige restaurants. Their are these coffee vendors too who have small coffee tanks/thermos on their bikes and they sell it in the parks and gardens. What a luxury that was, Me and R loved it, to have a bhutta (roasted corn, smeared with hot green chutney) and filter coffee.

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Bachchan verses Papa

Papa gave a stern kick on his Rajdoot and without any hesitation it got into action. Me and my brother sat on the back seats and off we went to see my first movie ever on the 70 mm big screen to Premprakash theater. As soon as we reached the theater, I was super excited but I felt so little in front of the big cinema hall, a bit scared, nervous and immensely happy. I was  going to see the first movie of my life in the cinema Hall, It was huge deal. The movie was of the most famous angry young man from Amitabh Bachchan and it was:  "Mukadar ka Sikandar" It went on to become a cult movie from Bachchan. In the beginning there was a small documentary then various advertisements and stuff and I remember asking my brother every other second if the movie started. I couldn't get that. He was the clever one, always kept saying.... abhi nahi (not now), I will tell you when it happens.

Finally the movie started. It was a very special and overwhelming sight to see a movie on the 70 mm screen and when the song Rote hue aate hai sab... came showing Bachchan on the big screen, I was blown away. He looked so good, Bombay looked so beautiful. That is the only thing left in my memory from that movie and then a little faded bits and pieces.