Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Roller coaster

Today you have life and tomorrow not! I always crib I have so much to do, its an endless list of chores, starting my day with serving breakfast to the girls, having a Chai(the best time of the day), throwing the washing in the machine, running to the gym, catching a 5 minute sauna break (much needed) and doing groceries while coming home and then fixing a quick but yummy lunch for whoever is at home, serving and clearing up, then attending a client for eyebrow and running off to do the preparation for the course. I always feel that tomorrow should be good and relaxed and better but hey what is better, as long as we have life there is struggle and to be honest I love it like this! OK I get a bit overwhelmed at times, but I feel I have so much energy that it needs to be utilized. and then some things happen in the family and make you think and retrospect, what it is all about.

This Sunday I finally picked up the phone and called my cousin in Delhi, this was the most difficult call I had to make, which I was postponing for a long time. I remember her wedding in Jaipur, I must be in the 8th grade and I was "Allowed" to put nail paint on her finger nails, what an honour it was for me to be able to put nail paint for a bride. Let me tell you it wasn't that easy, I was asked and the moment I started, a few pairs of eyes were watching me and then they all said, its fine and I breathed a sigh of relief. So I remember my cousin`s wedding very much and her husband too. Last week I got to know that he expired, my Mom, my brother and many other people from the family went to visit them in Delhi. He was not doing that well but not so bad to be gone, she must be in her late forties and have two young kids. How do you call and what do you say in such a situation? But anyways I called her and she spoke and we cried on the phone and she told me how it all happened. These things makes you really think about life and what are we doing here? Today we are here and tomorrow gone, just like that. How do the families and the close ones prepare for that.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

No Title

I had to catch the 18.37 Train. I started making the Pizza dough for the girls, I love the whole process of making the dough, how the flour slowly keep binding itself together. In the beginning its sticky but the more you knead the better it gets and then comes the best bit, when you add olive oil and knead the dough for one last time before putting it to rest, the smell and flavour of the fresh dough with oregano and olive oil! nothing like it, no kidding, try yourself out here.

Anyways, so I finished all that, started looking for my winter Hat and Gloves, and I don't know why it happens that whenever you need something so badly, you never find it. I have three pairs of gloves, and I was only finding just one from each, so finally I stormed out with two different pairs of gloves. They might just serve the purpose and I might just not screw up this time again and miss my Tram to get my Train connection.

T helped me stuff my things in my bag and huffing and puffing I was racing towards the Tram Stop, fortunately I had enough time to punch my ticket (not the hitting Punch kind, but the one where in you put your ticket in the machine slot and it gives you the time and the date ha ha, I thought you will know that) and get my breath to normal before entering the super full Tram. So on to the Train and to the City. The air in the city was really cold, to me it felt like the air coming from those room size Refrigerators(the one we have in Migros, I always feel scared to go in to pick something, because I am always worried, what if I get locked in there and die cold with too much food with me, that's why I always have my Hand phone with me to be able to call) chilled, cold and fogyish kind of but I also wanted to also be a part of the evening, me the little Indian girl, who wants to be everywhere, OK not so little, I am 166 cm tall.

There she was T, waiting for me with her friends, I got a nice warm hug from her after all those cold winds and she guided me to the Hall where it was all about to take place. The place was in the heart of the city, close to the Limmat, in this old Literature house, packet with Women everywhere except there were about 2-3 brave Men out there too.

Monday, December 2, 2013

Substitute for a Joint Family

Last week me and my two friends were chatting in the Sauna Room at the Gym. We all were talking about our over 40 health issues, me feeling dizzy, A feeling up and down and S having her hot flushes. I always look forward to go to the Gym because of those conversations. I feel I am not the only one and its OK to feel the way I am feeling because every Women feels some sort of these things at some point or at some phase in her life and its normal. I am the kind of person who just likes to confront any problem and not hide it, I never hide when I am happy or successful then why hide when I am down or sad or when I really need help. I think, that is real life and then only you know know who your real friends and well wishers are and trust me if you want you will get enough opportunities to return the favor. Then I realized no matter what culture, country or place you come from, all the women face the same biological issues at different phases of their lives.

I was telling them how I grew up in a Joint family and how my Grandmas, Aunts and we all cousins used to hang out together. It really feels like yesterday. Ours was and it still is a family of four Grandfathers, my Grandfather was the eldest. We all, around 25 people still live together in this big Haveli in the heart of the City. I am not saying its all good, their are always issues as well but hey, if there are five dishes they make noises too. But if you would calculate the positive list of the Joint family will definitely overcome the negative one and I think we learn a lot of compromise as well. We have four sections in the big Haveli, all the families have different kitchens, so you are sort of together and separate too. After your chores are done you can hang out and there is always someone to give you support in times of need and there are always people to celebrate festivals, functions etc.