Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Story of a 7 Drawer Cabinet

And just then they found all the place for their little tiny creations which were so special and important to them. I was getting tired finding places to store them. When this seven drawer cabinet from a good friend of mine was offered to me from the girls, I accepted it graciously. This Swiss red color Cabinet was not one of your favourite pieces of furniture. It landed in my girls play room. It used to be jam packed with little paper cuttings from magazines and newspapers, beads, play dough, Polly pocket, Lego's, puzzles, small little key chains, colours, diddle papers, little slices of pizza made with cardboard's and thousand other things. After writing this I realised how things have changed and what today's kids play, every child almost has an electronic toy. World is definitely changing. 

Anyways so they used this cabinet for years then slowly the little things were taking less and less place in their rooms and now we needed more book shelves because the girls were into reading! Not they were not earlier, M was and always has been a book worm and now T joined the gang too. So now the toys were mostly books. 

Monday, September 29, 2014

Schreber Garden


Who doesn't like Summer birthdays. R`s was round the corner and I and the girls we still didn't have any gift planned for him. The days were really nice in the end of June and me and Carlien (a good friend) used to go for our morning walks. Once Carlien showed me her Schreber Garden. Now you will think what a Schreber Garden is? Its a fantastic idea which started in Germany in the eighties by a person named as Moritz Schreber. Small pieces of Lands were allotted to people to grow their fruits and vegetables. You can find the Schreber gardens in most of the European countries and Scandinavia too. Here in Switzerland also its quite common. Now back to the birthday gift!

So years ago me and R also wanted to get one of those gardens and I also applied for it. But I never heard about it and it was forgotten before it even started. Years passed and then that day while walking I saw the garden again. I used to go to Carliens garden often and started chit-chatting with the neighbours and then my mind started to work. This was the 29th of June and R`s birthday is on the 3rd of July. So I started asking around and finally I got a garden for us and signed the contract with the President of the Garden Feriens on the 2nd of July, which also happens to be my Brothers birthday, just saying. 

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Recycle: its nature`s course

I learnt about recycling after coming to Europe. I was doing it while we were living in Gemany. Here they recycle almost everything, from paper to carton to glass and the kitchen waste. I was so happy to see what kind of system they have managed to establish here and how important it is for us to do it as well for our kids, grand kids, great grand kids and so on because this is the only earth we know we have.

If we talk about back home, then we also recycle almost everything except the kitchen waste, although being the largest Vegetarian country in the world we should be doing it the most. But anyways, we still do a lot, like we sell paper to the Paperwala पेपर वाला (Paper vendor) and even get some money from him, we sell glass and iron to the Ironwala लोहा लक्क्ड़ वाला (Iron and glass vendor) and the old clothes I remember were used to be exchanged for new Steel utensils. I remember my Grandma was very fierce in dealing with those dealers. They always used to come in the afternoons when it was siesta time and the Men of the house used to be away. It was always so much fun for me to see that. So those people use to take old clothes in exchange for utensils etc. and then the old sarees were/are re sold again on the streets for car cleaning and are still bought by the less privileged people for personal use.

Here is a cute little and very simple diagram I found on a website called as

Friday, May 23, 2014

All you need is one Sunny morning

I have been postponing to do this for a while now, a few years to be more precise (shame on me :( but that is really true. It seemed like quite a simple thing to do, but you know sometimes you just don't do it. This year as the spring knocked on the door and I said this year you will be painted my dear. I saw some videos on you tube but mostly my neighbours input helped me a lot. He showed me how to do it and even gave me his paint from the last year. So I just had to buy the painting tray, roller and a brush and off I went. Let me tell you it was so much fun and the door looks quite good. My neighbours Nonna, was the one who was visiting me while I was painting and she Oked it! 

First of all look out for some neighbours who might know the know how to do such things and can also give you paints! Na.....Just kidding :)

Friday, April 25, 2014

Then and now......

My cousin was here for his conference and we got to catch up with each other after many years. I remember he got married while we were in Germany, I think it was most probably 1997 (I hope I am right) I was wrong they got married in 2001. I knew it! I am bad with numbers. I took the girls for his and Monica`s wedding. That's when I got to interact a tiny little bit with Monica (my Sister in law and now I would say more like a sister and a friend) my first impressions were, she was very confident, smart and beautiful...I loved her hair :)

Anyways we never got to know each other very well just a hi or a dhok every now and then while I was home but now thanks to the WWW...things are so different now. Anyways as my cousin was here and we were talking, I started asking him about Monica and how she looks so great and fit (thanks to facebook) after having 2 kids. He told me that she lost about 20 kgs and I was like WOW! I asked her if she would share her journey with me/us on the blog here and she was kind enough to write a post for my blog

I found it quite inspiring, I hope you do it too. Here is what she wrote:

Monica Before and After :)

Monica, Before and After

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Shopping: Basket verses Trolley

Picture of shopping trolleys taken at a Grocery store in Milan.

I wrote this post last week but thought its not worth posting on the blog so I left it in the Drafts but yesterday while reading another article, I decided otherwise.

Post from Last week:

We are not the kind of people who can decide quickly what to buy, in fact we were so desperate to learn this art that in our last this trip back home, the girls saw a book on "Decision Making" and bought it as well but it turned out to be more of a business decision thing then an every day thing. Anyways, as I said our decision powers are not the best but when it comes to grocery shopping, I think I can take a lead and navigate people. In fact everyone is terrified to get an SMS from me to pick up some more Milk or something else from the store on their way home. When we decide to go for some serious shopping like lamps or to decide for the flooring, of course we are not at all able to decide but then R asks me, and without waiting for my answer says.......I guess we can buy some Milk and have a coffee break instead. And that's exactly what we do, he loves to have coffee in a nice restaurant and then we talk about the week, the kids and as soon as I get to where I would like to go next for holiday, he says....I think its time to go home, the girls have been alone for a long time, typical MEN! or so typical my Husband!

Anyways... now I try to get back to the topic. Most of the people I know here do the "weekly shopping" and I also started doing it but then I realized the food especially the veggies and fruits didn't stay so fresh, the fridge was over fulled and by the end of the week, I had to throw some food or the other. So it really hurt, as I was wasting food, feeling bad about it. I finally decided to go for shopping twice or thrice a week and of course that included asking favours from the family too. I do my shopping carrying either a hand basket or just even my Swiss mountain bag. This way I buy stuff for may be 2-3 days and when it starts to get over, I can oblige R or the girls to have a visit to the grocery store and pick up milk and yogurt. I feel this way they also get to learn and know how to shop and we don't buy so many things in bulk and try and not waste either.

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Urban Agriculture

My krauter box of Basil and chives

This year again I bought some saplings of  plants of cherry tomatoes, Basil, Chives, Parsley, chili plant and beetroot(R wanted those little red radishes but instead he picked up thinking what radish plants were but only it turned out to be beetroot), you know husbands!!!¨Well, I guess you do!

Anyways Beetroot is still in the boxes, growing. We had about a dozen chili's and the flavour was "Awesome" The tomatoes which we got were and are extremely flavourful but most of all its the pleasure, the happiness and the satisfaction you get from fruits from your own little garden or in my case rather window boxes or balcony plants. It feels like your baby and that's how you also look after these babies.

Another thing what gives me a kick is that, these stuff which I could grow at home, I did not had to buy from the store. I mean I cannot even begin to count myself anything in this but I should still be proud of myself that I grew something. We are going so away from the nature in so many ways and are consuming more and more and growing less and less. Most of the time the children don't even know where and how and which season the things are grown. I am not at all a big Gardner but I want to try in my own little baby steps and this feels very good. Actually here I also have to thank my neighbour and her kids for watering the plants while I was away in the summer. Even she liked the Idea and said might do it the coming summer.

Here the saying from Mother Teresa comes to mind "If you cannot feed a 100 people then just feed 1". Now if you  know me you also know that my examples are always off the topic and out of the box and may be a bit weird but you will come to understand slowly and I hope this here makes sense.