Friday, April 25, 2014

Then and now......

My cousin was here for his conference and we got to catch up with each other after many years. I remember he got married while we were in Germany, I think it was most probably 1997 (I hope I am right) I was wrong they got married in 2001. I knew it! I am bad with numbers. I took the girls for his and Monica`s wedding. That's when I got to interact a tiny little bit with Monica (my Sister in law and now I would say more like a sister and a friend) my first impressions were, she was very confident, smart and beautiful...I loved her hair :)

Anyways we never got to know each other very well just a hi or a dhok every now and then while I was home but now thanks to the WWW...things are so different now. Anyways as my cousin was here and we were talking, I started asking him about Monica and how she looks so great and fit (thanks to facebook) after having 2 kids. He told me that she lost about 20 kgs and I was like WOW! I asked her if she would share her journey with me/us on the blog here and she was kind enough to write a post for my blog

I found it quite inspiring, I hope you do it too. Here is what she wrote:

Monica Before and After :)

Monica, Before and After