Friday, April 3, 2015

Joys of Moving

In my mind I thought that everything is going under control and I was pretty much sure it will be too. Until now we have done this drill so many times and that too in so many different countries and if the same countries then different geogrophical locations. This time it will be just over the street, to be precise about 25 mts from the previous home.

My plan was to start moving the cellars first as it was just over the street and I did it too. First the down cellar which was the smallest. It was finished in no time and was over 80% vacated. Some bigger things were left for the movers. Then came the monster attic which contained the very precious but very many drawings of the girls among various other things, since they were in kindergarten and now in University and Secondary school. I know we are quite collectors of good art and really those cute little drawings are awesome! Over the years I had planned a thousand times for all of us to go up and try and sort them out. I neither had the heart nor the courage to throw them or even recycle them and neither did anyone else. So just in the blink of an eye we had the collection of 15 years which started from very precious arts, drawings to kindergarten stuff and then we had boxes full of basic German, french, maths and Hindi copies too. But every thing else seems to have progressed on the papers as I was going through the cartoon boxes but somehow the Hindi copies from each and every year of summer holidays spent in India were still at अ आ इ ई उ ऊ ए............or may be a couple of little lines of राम घर चल। पानी भर। छत पर मत चढ़। (Ram, go home, fill the water, dont go on the terrace) or मेरा नाम........ है (my name is....)