Monday, September 29, 2014

Schreber Garden


Who doesn't like Summer birthdays. R`s was round the corner and I and the girls we still didn't have any gift planned for him. The days were really nice in the end of June and me and Carlien (a good friend) used to go for our morning walks. Once Carlien showed me her Schreber Garden. Now you will think what a Schreber Garden is? Its a fantastic idea which started in Germany in the eighties by a person named as Moritz Schreber. Small pieces of Lands were allotted to people to grow their fruits and vegetables. You can find the Schreber gardens in most of the European countries and Scandinavia too. Here in Switzerland also its quite common. Now back to the birthday gift!

So years ago me and R also wanted to get one of those gardens and I also applied for it. But I never heard about it and it was forgotten before it even started. Years passed and then that day while walking I saw the garden again. I used to go to Carliens garden often and started chit-chatting with the neighbours and then my mind started to work. This was the 29th of June and R`s birthday is on the 3rd of July. So I started asking around and finally I got a garden for us and signed the contract with the President of the Garden Feriens on the 2nd of July, which also happens to be my Brothers birthday, just saying.