Sunday, June 1, 2014

Recycle: its nature`s course

I learnt about recycling after coming to Europe. I was doing it while we were living in Gemany. Here they recycle almost everything, from paper to carton to glass and the kitchen waste. I was so happy to see what kind of system they have managed to establish here and how important it is for us to do it as well for our kids, grand kids, great grand kids and so on because this is the only earth we know we have.

If we talk about back home, then we also recycle almost everything except the kitchen waste, although being the largest Vegetarian country in the world we should be doing it the most. But anyways, we still do a lot, like we sell paper to the Paperwala पेपर वाला (Paper vendor) and even get some money from him, we sell glass and iron to the Ironwala लोहा लक्क्ड़ वाला (Iron and glass vendor) and the old clothes I remember were used to be exchanged for new Steel utensils. I remember my Grandma was very fierce in dealing with those dealers. They always used to come in the afternoons when it was siesta time and the Men of the house used to be away. It was always so much fun for me to see that. So those people use to take old clothes in exchange for utensils etc. and then the old sarees were/are re sold again on the streets for car cleaning and are still bought by the less privileged people for personal use.

Here is a cute little and very simple diagram I found on a website called as