Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Shopping: Basket verses Trolley

Picture of shopping trolleys taken at a Grocery store in Milan.

I wrote this post last week but thought its not worth posting on the blog so I left it in the Drafts but yesterday while reading another article, I decided otherwise.

Post from Last week:

We are not the kind of people who can decide quickly what to buy, in fact we were so desperate to learn this art that in our last this trip back home, the girls saw a book on "Decision Making" and bought it as well but it turned out to be more of a business decision thing then an every day thing. Anyways, as I said our decision powers are not the best but when it comes to grocery shopping, I think I can take a lead and navigate people. In fact everyone is terrified to get an SMS from me to pick up some more Milk or something else from the store on their way home. When we decide to go for some serious shopping like lamps or to decide for the flooring, of course we are not at all able to decide but then R asks me, and without waiting for my answer says.......I guess we can buy some Milk and have a coffee break instead. And that's exactly what we do, he loves to have coffee in a nice restaurant and then we talk about the week, the kids and as soon as I get to where I would like to go next for holiday, he says....I think its time to go home, the girls have been alone for a long time, typical MEN! or so typical my Husband!

Anyways... now I try to get back to the topic. Most of the people I know here do the "weekly shopping" and I also started doing it but then I realized the food especially the veggies and fruits didn't stay so fresh, the fridge was over fulled and by the end of the week, I had to throw some food or the other. So it really hurt, as I was wasting food, feeling bad about it. I finally decided to go for shopping twice or thrice a week and of course that included asking favours from the family too. I do my shopping carrying either a hand basket or just even my Swiss mountain bag. This way I buy stuff for may be 2-3 days and when it starts to get over, I can oblige R or the girls to have a visit to the grocery store and pick up milk and yogurt. I feel this way they also get to learn and know how to shop and we don't buy so many things in bulk and try and not waste either.