Thursday, January 30, 2014

Urban Agriculture

My krauter box of Basil and chives

This year again I bought some saplings of  plants of cherry tomatoes, Basil, Chives, Parsley, chili plant and beetroot(R wanted those little red radishes but instead he picked up thinking what radish plants were but only it turned out to be beetroot), you know husbands!!!¨Well, I guess you do!

Anyways Beetroot is still in the boxes, growing. We had about a dozen chili's and the flavour was "Awesome" The tomatoes which we got were and are extremely flavourful but most of all its the pleasure, the happiness and the satisfaction you get from fruits from your own little garden or in my case rather window boxes or balcony plants. It feels like your baby and that's how you also look after these babies.

Another thing what gives me a kick is that, these stuff which I could grow at home, I did not had to buy from the store. I mean I cannot even begin to count myself anything in this but I should still be proud of myself that I grew something. We are going so away from the nature in so many ways and are consuming more and more and growing less and less. Most of the time the children don't even know where and how and which season the things are grown. I am not at all a big Gardner but I want to try in my own little baby steps and this feels very good. Actually here I also have to thank my neighbour and her kids for watering the plants while I was away in the summer. Even she liked the Idea and said might do it the coming summer.

Here the saying from Mother Teresa comes to mind "If you cannot feed a 100 people then just feed 1". Now if you  know me you also know that my examples are always off the topic and out of the box and may be a bit weird but you will come to understand slowly and I hope this here makes sense.