Monday, December 14, 2015

Shabby Chic is the way to go.

At the moment Shabby Chic is the thing for me. I have been doing some projects with this technique and this one is quite special for me. I got this bookshelf from my very lovable and special old neighbour. She was a 88 year old very nice woman. She used to tell me stories from her times when back in those days she and her husband used to travel a lot, they even went to Italy on the Vespa. How she and her husband made their house with their very own hands. How she had to boil her linens to make them white and then iron all of them. How they had to eat very dry bread for many days and so on and so forth. 

It was always nice to speak to her and get a perspective on those days and whenever I would be in a complaining mood, after speaking to her I would also come back to the humble earth and for a couple of days stay calm and not complain about how I have to do so much always.....I am not that much of a nag but sometimes, everyone is allowed, right!

She always enjoyed my Indian Thali, especially the use of the spices, she has tasted Indian food just with me and she loved it. I must say she was quite an open person, What a pleasure it was to feed her.

She gave me her very old book shelf and I wanted to cherish it for ever. The colour was a dark brown but I wanted something fresher so I decided to get Shabby Chicky and took a roller and a spray in my hand. This is what I did.

Things for the makeover:

- A sunny day
- old newspapers or a big plastic sheet
- pair of gloves
- sand paper (thin and medium grid one)
- primer
- white base coat
- golden or silver spray paint of your choice
- colour of your choice
- small roller
- paint tray
- small brush for those corners you cant reach with the roller
. lots of chilled ice tee to drink :)


1. First of all line the surface where you want to work with either old newspaper or a plastic sheet. Take the piece of furniture here, clean it with an old rag.

2. Sand the whole furniture with a thin grid sandpaper inside and out. Dust it well and then wipe it with a wet cloth. Let it sun dry for an hour or so.

3. Now in my furniture I had some beautiful carvings, so firstly I sprayed gold on all the carvings and let it dry for half an hour again.

4. Then I primed the whole thing with a primer, inside and out. I didn't do very smooth moves, as I was going for a used Shabby chic look.

5. Let it dry again for an hour.

6. Now again spray gold on the carvings and a bit on the edges at the top, the bottom and a bit on the shelve edges as well, it will give a nice look later. Let it dry again for half an hour.

7. Now do the white base coat everywhere once the primer is dried.

8. Let it dry for a couple of hours or if the day is quite sunny then an hour will do.

9. Now the magical moment comes, paint the whole piece from outside in the colour you have chosen. I left the insides white, as I preferred that but that's entirely a personal choice.

10. Let it dry again for an hour and then go for the second and the final round. Now let it dry very well, either overnight or a couple of hours.

11. Take the middle grid sandpaper and start sanding the edges where you sprayed gold. As now the gold is covered in white and green, so we want to take it out by sanding these two colours out.

12. Work with feeling and once its done, dust it well again and wax it with an old rag to seal it.

13. Voila` there you have a brand new Shabby Chic shelf.

The Shelf before

After the primer

My colour was this minty green 

A bit of gold, I love gold.

After the first green coat. 

The shelf.....After.