Thursday, May 14, 2015

One man`s junk is another man`s Treasure

Is that not true: One man`s Junk is another man`s Treasure!

Every single Woman was super excited to be there. We were trying Jackets, blouses, bags and belts. You were fortunate if you could get a little glimpse in the tall mirror to check how the outfit is looking on you, if its cocealing your not so good areas or not. I don't know is it with me or everyone feels this way. Whenever I try a new garment, I am super excited to look in the mirror and I feel this time my tyre at the tummy will not be seen. OK, sometimes if the top is made with some gathers in the front, it does cover it up but if its too many gathers then often I get this: bist du schwanger? No, I am not pregnat! I have two grown ups. I think this is the time to stop coloring my hair, or my be not.

Anyways back to the room full of excited and nervous Women including moi. The atmosphere was electric and energetic. We talked to each other and gave inputs without anyone asking for it. R came with me for a while but within 3 minutes he said, I think you will be here for a while and made a quiet exit.

I had my usual leggings with a long white top and black boots. This was one super busy day, with our frühlings markt and a 60th birhtday party in the afternoon with a trip to the bird park and then me trying to sell our two bikes(we sold one and bought one too, for M`). So I didn't give much thought of what to wear, but his time it all worked. I could try different blouses to wear on the leggings, a spring green jacket, a black burrberry one too. Yup, this time I got really lucky. This was one shopping day even R didn't mind at all. This day I literally went without a purse of a card to shop, just some change for a glass of prosecco and a berry cake.

Bird park, worth a visit.

I got the invite for the Taush Rausch on face book. When I read the concept, I found it a super good idea. Actually I have already read about it in the Annabella magazine. They also organize it twice a year in the very famous bar Kauflauten (people from Zürich know) It did sound much fun but after reading about the long Que they had up until outside on the Bahnofstrasse, I decided not to be a part of it. But this one was happening just in my own town, so why not. Firstly I think its important to support any cause happening in your own town and secondly if its a fun cause, even better.

So the rules were quite simple. You take 10 pieces from your wardrobe, be it clothes, shoes, belts or bags. But of course they should be in a very good condition to wear and must be clean. These things are mostly obvious but still it was in the guidelines.

The team of Taush Raush did a very professional job I must say. All the stuff was divided into 3 categories according to their worth. So they were simple, middle and top. For each piece you got a token, for example a simple Zara top will get you a blue token, a leather jacket will get you a red token and a Leonardo or Bally will get you a yellow token. So I got about 6 blues, 3 reds and one yellow. You could just go around as each piece had a token and according to your tokens you could get the stuff you like. If all the stuff was exchanged it was well and good. But if you just found 6 pieces you wanted then you could give someone else your extra token or after 14.00 the tokens would be sold for 5, 15, and 50 Chf so that you could buy the stuff after 2 if some was left. If they still had extra stuff left it would go to the Frauen Heim.

I thought it was a brilliant idea for shopping without spending a penny, it was a very professional, organised and a fun way of interchanging or swapping things. After all we all get bored of our stuff but neither we want to throw it away nor we can sell it, nor keep it or use it. This way you could hang out with other women, talk about clothes, have a drink and a cake too. What better way to pep up your spring wardrobe. Actually you can organize this sort of an event for a variety of things like paintings, decoration stuff, vases, kitchenware etc. etc.

The flöhmarkts and the Taush Raush are more things of the west. While I was growing up back in India first of all we did not have so much stuff and secondly our stuff got exchanged between cousins and friends. That was fun too. But if I see in today's India, consumerism has gone up there too. I see with my Family and Friends, their wardrobes are also filled with Saree's, lehgans, jewelery, kurtas, etc. I wish they would also do things like that. Fun way of having fun and reclycing at the same time. May be in one of my trips I attempt to do it.

In some days when I will wear my neatly washed and ironed clothes I might put up some pictures :)

Happy swapping! Happy Taushraushing!