Friday, April 3, 2015

Joys of Moving

In my mind I thought that everything is going under control and I was pretty much sure it will be too. Until now we have done this drill so many times and that too in so many different countries and if the same countries then different geogrophical locations. This time it will be just over the street, to be precise about 25 mts from the previous home.

My plan was to start moving the cellars first as it was just over the street and I did it too. First the down cellar which was the smallest. It was finished in no time and was over 80% vacated. Some bigger things were left for the movers. Then came the monster attic which contained the very precious but very many drawings of the girls among various other things, since they were in kindergarten and now in University and Secondary school. I know we are quite collectors of good art and really those cute little drawings are awesome! Over the years I had planned a thousand times for all of us to go up and try and sort them out. I neither had the heart nor the courage to throw them or even recycle them and neither did anyone else. So just in the blink of an eye we had the collection of 15 years which started from very precious arts, drawings to kindergarten stuff and then we had boxes full of basic German, french, maths and Hindi copies too. But every thing else seems to have progressed on the papers as I was going through the cartoon boxes but somehow the Hindi copies from each and every year of summer holidays spent in India were still at अ आ इ ई उ ऊ ए............or may be a couple of little lines of राम घर चल। पानी भर। छत पर मत चढ़। (Ram, go home, fill the water, dont go on the terrace) or मेरा नाम........ है (my name is....)

These Hindi classes used to be my Mom`s efforts with the girls. She took charge of the writing skills tirelessly over years and years of summer holidays and I took the charge of spoken Hindi with them. To be honest they did their best to cope with along with three other European languages and one old Roman (Latin) I am very proud of their Hindi, they can understand and sing songs. At the moment their favourite is London Thumakda......

So, the girls had a blast trying to figure to clear/sort and orgsniaze their stuff. They both had stories about each and every drawing they made. Some or most of M`s work was copied by little T at the time and admitting it was her very own. They found one pop up card made by M and then we were super lucky to have found the copied one by little T and that was priceless! 

Now we move on to yours truly who is also guilty of collecting fabrics to be made into clothes, mostly bags, bags, bags and more bags. Ok I also make other things like Yoga bags for the Yoga mats and so on. It was also super difficult task for me to part with those beautiful fabrics, some old clothes which I had a vision of repepping into something else. So, I tried my best to get rid of some and keep some or fine! most of it. 

The big day of the move came, until then in our minds we had finished almost all of the packing. My kitchen was also being moved partly as it was still functioning as I was cooking for us. It should have been a very cold Feburary day but the Gods were smiling on us that day and it was super sunny day . The kind of day you wish for a wedding, a new birth a birthday party or to go for a stroll with your husband by the lake. It was really that kind of a day, and with just a hoddy we could bear the cold and so did the kind movers. 

The furniture was also put into their respective places because as I said I thought we were very much in control and we quite were. We had measured every nook and cranny and who will take which room and so on and so forth. So the furnitutre was put away well and the house looked quite organized until you open the cupboards and drawers that was an entirely different story.

Friday we moved and Saturday was the grand entering in the new Home which all the family friends graced our ocassion with their presence. There were heaps of boxes in the middle of each room which we thought will finish in a weeks time but trust me there are still boxes of unopened stuff. 

After the Puja and everything was done we still had to clear up bits and pieces left in the houses, cellars, attic and garage area. BOY! that felt like a never ending process. Me and R kept seeming to brings boxes, and Ikea bags and oh yes! we totally forgot about our bicycles. So the next whole wekeend was spent doing that. 

Then came the fun part, the cleaning and handing over of the house to the company. Here also we had quite a few bumps on the road. If you know anything about the level of Swiss cleanliness, you will know what I am taking about. Mr. Baier took an entry into our Apartment like Sherlock does and he ran has hands over the top of the doors, which we and our clenaing lady had cleaned well. So no, he couldnt have given us a fine here. He practically laid on the floor to check the cleanliness of the radiators, no surprises there but then when he was checking our windows he called me and said Frau T look from a distsance from this angle and you will see hand marks

Until now the orinetation in the mind is that it still looks for aspirin in that little corner drawer by the window but only thing is its not there. The whole practice of the system of 15 years is upside down and in my mind it feels like a bag of marbles just fell down on the floor and I am trying to reach them and form them in a line! How difficult could that be! But we are getting there very very slowely. 

How do you propose you get rid of your life/restructure your habits/re organize your 15 years in a go or for that matter you adapt a new system overnight. I think its not possible, at least for me its not and I think it should`nt be necessary too. I believe you make a house a home over a period of many days, years or decades. You create so many memories good and not so good but that`s what makes your home a little cucoon where in it takes your pains, successes, achievements, sufferings, happiness and becomes a part of your family and your life. I dont believe in instant homes, instant food but Maggi or the Indian Maggi is altogether a different story! Trust me on this one and you will have a billion people to agree with me.

We have started with this new place, as if a painter starts painting on a brand new white canvas. The first biggest colur or the main motive of the painting stays the focul point and then slowely the intricate delicasies are added to make it more finer. In the similar way we started our new life in our new home with the blessings of Almighty and the blessings and regards of our family friend. 

PS: my laptop at the moment is as organized as my home, but sonner or later i am going to find those picture which I wanted to post here.