Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Story of a 7 Drawer Cabinet

And just then they found all the place for their little tiny creations which were so special and important to them. I was getting tired finding places to store them. When this seven drawer cabinet from a good friend of mine was offered to me from the girls, I accepted it graciously. This Swiss red color Cabinet was not one of your favourite pieces of furniture. It landed in my girls play room. It used to be jam packed with little paper cuttings from magazines and newspapers, beads, play dough, Polly pocket, Lego's, puzzles, small little key chains, colours, diddle papers, little slices of pizza made with cardboard's and thousand other things. After writing this I realised how things have changed and what today's kids play, every child almost has an electronic toy. World is definitely changing. 

Anyways so they used this cabinet for years then slowly the little things were taking less and less place in their rooms and now we needed more book shelves because the girls were into reading! Not they were not earlier, M was and always has been a book worm and now T joined the gang too. So now the toys were mostly books. 

The cabinet now found a new home in my little store room in the apartment. From red it became white with a few strokes of brush and now  I stacked our nails, hammers, wrapping bows, ribbons, bulbs, scotch tapes, strings, brushes so basically all our DIY stuff found a new home. So some years it was happily there and then finally it landed it up in my down Cellar and became home to all my spices. I bet that would have been very overwhelming for a Swiss Cabinet. All those foreign flavours of spices with different colours. That continued for a long time too until recently i needed a cabinet for my entry to put all my posts, papers, newspapers etc. If you know there is a ridiculous amount of paper we get here. Until now I used to have a big basket put on a metal stand, another DIY project of mine. The metal stand I picked up on the street (Yes! I do that and in my own little way, instead of going it to waste, I recycle it) and the basket I had. It worked pretty good but whenever I had company I used to take it quickly on my bed and put neatly three fresh Annabell's to show how organised I was :) But it was actually Cheating!

So, I wanted another set of drawers to hide away all that stuff. I measured the old Swiss cabinet and it agreed to fit there. Now I had a new project. I wanted to paint it into this new very inn technique called as "Shabby chic" I saw dozens of videos on how to paint your furniture in that style. I got the tools and off I started. It is actually a very simple technique to do it but what I like most about doing things like that is ..........  these pieces of furniture have a story to tell, and I like that. I bet if my cabinet could speak like the toys in the toy story spoke then he would also have a hell of a story to tell. 

So off I started to rip the old paint apart and M helped a great deal too.

Now off to do the household chores........more detailed fotos will follow soon............