Monday, September 29, 2014

Schreber Garden


Who doesn't like Summer birthdays. R`s was round the corner and I and the girls we still didn't have any gift planned for him. The days were really nice in the end of June and me and Carlien (a good friend) used to go for our morning walks. Once Carlien showed me her Schreber Garden. Now you will think what a Schreber Garden is? Its a fantastic idea which started in Germany in the eighties by a person named as Moritz Schreber. Small pieces of Lands were allotted to people to grow their fruits and vegetables. You can find the Schreber gardens in most of the European countries and Scandinavia too. Here in Switzerland also its quite common. Now back to the birthday gift!

So years ago me and R also wanted to get one of those gardens and I also applied for it. But I never heard about it and it was forgotten before it even started. Years passed and then that day while walking I saw the garden again. I used to go to Carliens garden often and started chit-chatting with the neighbours and then my mind started to work. This was the 29th of June and R`s birthday is on the 3rd of July. So I started asking around and finally I got a garden for us and signed the contract with the President of the Garden Feriens on the 2nd of July, which also happens to be my Brothers birthday, just saying. 

Now I wanted to gift this garden to R on his birthday. I could digest the news for about one and a half days and then I spit it to the girls and the moment they heard they started freaking out! Mom! what a great Idea! and I was like Yes it is! So now we started planning what to do and we decided to throw an Apero for R and I invited my new neighbours on R`s birthday for a small drink. So much had to be done, as this garden of ours was not used for more then 2 years. It was full of Jungle, OK that's not entirely true, we also got half an apple tree, half belongs to Fritz and some berry bushes and a tool box with a hole and some basic tools. 

So I started working on the garden, trying to make it a bit presentable for the birthday, but me having not a clue of where to start. So I started clearing the tool box, which had loads of rubbish, spiders and snails uehhhhhh. I was struggling to clean it and that's when my new Filipino neighbour helped me with the spider stuff. So the box was clean, washed and left open in the sun to dry. That was done a check marked. 

Now 3 rd morning again I went there, met Fritz and Susanne and they also guided me on how to do things. I worked until 11.00 and then ran home to fix lunch for R, as I invited him for a Thali and stuff had to be made for the party like salads, humus, breads etc. were also being prepared in the meantime. Carlien was kind enough to offer to bake two cakes for me and they were yummy. So again after lunch I went and started cutting a bit of the weeds. Then again me and Carien went to get a table, drinks, cook box and other birthday stuff. 

The President promised that I will get the garden cleared of all the weeds. I couldn't be happier. As we came back again with all the stuff, i saw one guy weeding the starting of my garden and I was like! WOW! that was very efficient, the more we got closer, we saw Fritz and Susanne clearing  a part of my garden. We thought, Oskar the President would have given the contract to Fritz that's why he was clearing it up but no when I asked Fritz he said, when you are doing so much effort for your husbands birthday, I THOUGHT WE COULD ALSO CHIP IN AND DO A LITTLE! WOW! me and Carlien, who does that! Carlien said she has never seen anything like that before but I have seen many acts of kindness here but this was something else. I was almost in tears and I could have hugged the whole world. That moment, the feeling was priceless. 

Anyways, Fritz had prepared a bed for us and then we ran to the store and  got some Salads, beetroot and Fennel and Voila, our Schreber garden was alive and I was SO proud.

Now the task was to bring R there! He came home in the evening and of course I was not there, the girls told him Mom has gone to get some stuff from the store, she forgot to buy before and then they asked him if he would want to see Carliens garden. He was sort of confused but as he loves to walk on a nice sunny evening he agreed to go. They started coming closer to  the garden, I hid myself in the background and we all shouted surprise!!! He looked so blank, lost and confused because he did not know our new neighbours, which I have been chatting with for the past 3 days and then I pop up from behind. He still couldn't understand what was going on. But when the girls told him, he was so mushy inside and he told me later he even got a little tear inside his eye. He never cries! So that was big. 

All the neighbours came, we had loads of vegetarian food for them, which they tried and loved it, the chocolate cakes were yummy and it was one of the best days of my life!

God is great! how if you try something, he just brings things in such a way that everything falls into place.

Now here are the pictures of our Schreber garden from the beginning, ie. from the 3rd of  July, 2014

B 7 our garden nunber

this is how we got it!

A small patio with a tool box

a little de-weeeded

Saplings of salad, beetroot and fennel

Salad with a salad basket, to avoid the slugs!

Fritz in action

Party time! Girls having fun

Our new garden neighbours

yummy chocolate cakes by Carlien!


measuring the beds with swiss perfection

Fritz ready with our first bed to be planted

R and fritz at work

Planting the salads

and a new student

all done for today