Friday, May 23, 2014

All you need is one Sunny morning

I have been postponing to do this for a while now, a few years to be more precise (shame on me :( but that is really true. It seemed like quite a simple thing to do, but you know sometimes you just don't do it. This year as the spring knocked on the door and I said this year you will be painted my dear. I saw some videos on you tube but mostly my neighbours input helped me a lot. He showed me how to do it and even gave me his paint from the last year. So I just had to buy the painting tray, roller and a brush and off I went. Let me tell you it was so much fun and the door looks quite good. My neighbours Nonna, was the one who was visiting me while I was painting and she Oked it! 

First of all look out for some neighbours who might know the know how to do such things and can also give you paints! Na.....Just kidding :)

Now lets get to serious business, here is what I did:

Gather the things which you will need: 

1. Paint
2. one sponge to scrub the door, its like a sandpaper only a bit more finer.
3. Paint tray
4. Roller to paint
5. A small brush to paint the sides
6. Paper tape
7. Step Ladder
8. Old newspapers
9. A small tub of soapy water, a sponge and a cloth
10. and of course a Jug of lemonade for you :)


1. First of all line the area under the door with old newspapers. 
2.Start to scrub the door from the top working downwards in round circular movements and don't forget the sides of the door and the top too. You will see a good amount of paint will come off and this way it will also take the old marks from the door. I had a lot of tape marks and stuff, without this process my painting would have been wasted as the old marks wouldn't have been concealed. 
3. Now dust the door with a dry cloth, I vacuumed the door and the corners with the special attachment from the vacuum. It was absolutely dust free. 
4. Now with the help of a wet sponge, clean the entire door, first with a bit soapy water and then with normal fresh lukewarm water. 
5. Let it dry in the sun. 
6. Now put the paper tape on the edges of the door, the door handle and the door eye and now you are ready to rock. 
7. Pour some paint on the tray and start doing the fun part (I loved it!) Start painting with the roller, make sure you don't have too much paint sticking on it, rub it on the front part of the tray and there you go. 
8. After finishing the front part, paint the top border and the sides with a small paint brush. 
9. Let it cool, for me it took about 2 hours in the sun and then I did the second round. 
10. It will take about 4-5 hours to dry completely, my door was practically open the whole day. If you close it earlier it might stick to the door frame, so choose a sunny day. After its completely dry, pull out the paper tape (that is also a fun part :) You can be outside, enjoy the sun and the lemonade and have a brand new door too. Not a a deal at all :)